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Tower Backup Solar Pump Kit

Protect your Tower Garden plants in unexpected power or pump failures
-Note: this page is under construction, more details are upcoming-


Small Tower Solar Backup pump parts At last, here's the perfect solution for the thousands of Tower Gardeners around the world that have had, or are worried about the water pump stopping because of a power outage or failed pump. Within a few hours after the pump stops, plants will start to droop and could be damaged or die if water is not soon recirculated. Only a small number of Towergardeners have had this experience, but it's good to be prepared.

For readers not familiar with the aeroponic Tower Garden growing system by Juice Plus+ Company, it is one of the most advanced food growing systems made because it does not require soil and uses only 5% of the water, compared to growing in soil. Click the link for more details.

We are nearly finished testing three prototype versions of the Solar Pump Kit and they will be soon ready for beta testing for interested Towergardeners. All versions are very easy to set up and can be used in remote locations like booth displays. One version is the single Tower kit (shown in left photo), another is for up to three Towers, and the third is for long term outdoor use where wall power is not available.

All pump kits are easy to set up, compact, light weight and highly efficient.  In the product sneak peek photo, the small single pump kit on the left has a 13" long solar PV panel, water tubing and pump, and twin lead wire to connect the panel to the small green battery box on the left. Pay Pal order links will be posted on this page when they become available.

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Food and Herb Growing System by Juice Plus+

Click here for more details and to order the complete Tower Garden growing system from Juice Plus+ Company, which includes natural dissolved mineral plant nutrients. Schools can now order specially configured Tower Garden School kits, along with lesson plans, that are now in over 3,000 schools around the country.

For questions on the new Tower Backup Solar Pump Kit please contact Deris Jeannette at: or call him at 619/990-7977. Check back often because we will be continually updating this and other related web pages with new information, photos, and order links.

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